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Download MOCCA production

There are outputs of 1500 showers available, which were produced on HP and Linux workstations. You can download input cards, output log files and ntuples, containing ground particle information. To convert ntuples to an ASCII file, you can use a fortran program readntp.f , which needs CERNLIB to link.

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Research Staff:
Group Leader prof.dr. Danilo Zavrtanik e-mail: Danilo.Zavrtanik@p-ng.si
doc.dr. Andrej Filipcic e-mail: Andrej.Filipcic@ijs.si
dr. Darko Veberic e-mail: Darko.Veberic@p-ng.si
doc.dr. Marko Zavrtanik e-mail: Marko.Zavrtanik@ijs.si
Matej Horvat, Phd. Student e-mail: Matej.Horvat@p-ng.si

Andrej Filipcic (Andrej.Filipcic@ijs.si)
Jamova 39, P.o.Box 3000
SI-1001 Ljubljana