Instuctions for

uploading the talks and

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Flavor Physics and CP Violation

May 1216 2007, Bled, Slovenia


Fax: +386 1 477 3166



updated: April 26 2007


All speakers have been given a permission to upload their talks. To upload your talk, please login to the Indico system using your personal Indico or NICE (CERN) account. If you did not have an Indico account, you should have had received an invitation to create a new account by now.

When you login to the Indico system, you can choose "my contributions" from the options shown on the left, then select your FPCP talk, and continue with "manage materials". Any speaker can change the number of contribution materials and delete older versions.

Please upload your transparencies
on the evening before your talk at the latest.


If you have just created your Indico account, you will not see the "my contributions" link in the default login page. You can use the above link or find FPCP07 in "conferences". If you have not received an invitation to create your Indico account OR you do not see your FPCP talk listed on your personal account page, it is quite possible that your contact mail listed in the conference program is either obsolete or different from your Indico account contact e-mail. Any speaker can check his/her FPCP contact e-mail by choosing his/her talk from the conference program and selecting a small icon "<x>" in the same line as "Home > Contribution details" (the middle one of the three small icons). In case your contact e-mail is not correct or you have any other problems with uploading your contribution, please let us know.






The prefered poster size is A0 (841 mm x 1189 mm) or smaller. The posters should be displayed on Monday morning (May 14). They have to be removed by Tuesday evening.