Ljubljana ATLAS Group

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ATLAS at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland


phone ++386 1 477 3742 (secretary)

fax ++386 1 477 3166

Jozef Stefan Institute, Dept. F9
Jamova 39, SI-1111 LJUBLJANA,Slovenia

Ljubljana Group - from the Jozef Stefan Institute is involved in the following ATLAS topics:

Recent ATLAS publications

Google street view of Atlas experiment

Minutes of group meetings

Low Mass Tape Database

Members of Ljubljana group: :

Group Leader prof. dr. Marko Mikuž e-mail: Marko.Mikuz@ijs.si
Deputy prof. dr. Vladimir Cindro e-mail: Vladimir.Cindro@ijs.si
  prof. dr. Andrej Filipčič e-mail: Andrej.Filipcic@ijs.si
  dr. Gregor Kramberger e-mail: Gregor.Kramberger@ijs.si
  prof. dr. Borut P. Kerševan e-mail: Borut.Kersevan@ijs.si
  doc. dr. Igor Mandić e-mail: Igor.Mandic@ijs.si
  dr. Andrej Gorišek e-mail: Andrej.Gorisek@ijs.si
  doc. dr. Marko Zavrtanik e-mail: Marko.Zavrtanik@ijs.si
  Tina Šfiligoj e-mail: Tina.Sfiligoj@ijs.si
  Luka Kanjir e-mail: Luka.Kanjir@ijs.si
  Grygorii Sokhrannyi e-mail: grygorii.sokhrannyi@cern.ch
  Bojan Hiti e-mail: bojan.hiti@ijs.si

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