Local Athena Setup

In order to run Athena it is not necessary to connect to lxplus since Athena kits are also installed locally. To run Athena from your f9 pc do (if you want to use sl5):

/etc/slurm/schroot sl5.x86_64
schroot -p -r -c sl5.x86_64-run

or if you want to use sl6:
/etc/slurm/schroot sl6.x86_64
schroot -p -r -c sl6.x86_64-run

than cd to some directory where you have write the permission.

For (e.g.) r14.2.0 do:
source /net/pikolit/d0/nfs/grid/SOFTWARE/runtime/APPS/HEP/ATLAS-14.2.0-I686-SLC4-GCC34-OPT 

for (e.g.) r13.0.40 do:
source /net/pikolit/d0/nfs/grid/SOFTWARE/runtime/APPS/HEP/ATLAS-13.0.40 

If the setup went OK you should have a CMTPATH pointing to the desired Athena release (echo $CMTPATH) and a command athena.py should be recognized.

-- LizaMijovic - 31 Oct 2008
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