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Idea of the page

The proposal is to have a Wiki page describing the measurements and results to be performed at SuperBelle, with the aim of publicizing the research as well as a tool to be used by collaborators.

The structure for each of the physics topics could be the following:

  • Motivation/phenomenology (public)
  • Experimental method (private -> public)
  • (Preliminary) results (private -> public)
  • Analysis code (private)
  • Data samples (private)
  • ...

In the structure above public denotes the content publicly available on the web, private represents the material available to SuperBelle members, and private -> public denotes the material which becomes public at an appropriate time.

Clearly, in accordance with the spirit of Wiki, the content would be dynamical and regularly updated.

The links to internal notes and paper drafts would be provided.

Furthermore, each analysis would have a "track record" (following presentations within the physics groups meetings, collaboration meetings, etc., kept in the form of minutes). This would facilitate the discussion in the course of analysis, during the refereeing stage, etc.

An example of this idea is very roughly presented in the above links for the phi_1 measurement.

-- BostjanGolob - 11 Feb 2009
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