Athena Analysis: Package, Tools and Algorithms

Athena AOD analysis steps:
  • setup environment (local Athena, see here, lxplus: see ATLAS workbook)
  • make a small analysis package
  • write analysis code (include external tools), requirements etc.

Creating analysis package

as for any Athena package use:
cmt create ana_package_name ana_package_name-00-00-01
When using local Athena add directory in which the package was created to the CMTPATH(bash):
export CMTPATH=`pwd`:$CMTPATH
this will create the basic package structure, needed to write analysis code.

Analysis code

Next you need to write the analysis code, update the requirements files acc. to your needs etc.

Here's a list of what's needed for the analysis:
  • analysis algorithm to work with my AOD
  • run/joboptions files to run Athena, define input file etc.
  • cmt/requirements for my algorithm
  • src/components for configurables
  • optional: additional tools

Examples of Athena Tool and Alogorithm are available here: http://atlas-sw.cern.ch/cgi-bin/viewcvs-atlas.cgi/offline/Control/AthenaExamples/AthExToolExample

requirements: sth. like this:
package aod_ana

#Athena includes
use AtlasPolicy         AtlasPolicy-01-*

branches run

use GaudiInterface      GaudiInterface-01-*      External
use AtlasCLHEP        AtlasCLHEP-00-*       External
use StoreGate              StoreGate-*                     Control
use AtlasAnalysisRunTime    AtlasAnalysisRunTime-*

#AOD includes
#here add packages for the particles/objects you're using
use NavFourMom              NavFourMom-*                    Event
use JetEvent                    JetEvent-*                      Reconstruction/Jet
use MissingETEvent              MissingETEvent-*                Reconstruction
use GeneratorObjects            GeneratorObjects-*              Generators

library aod_ana *.cxx components/*.cxx

apply_pattern component_library



run/joboptions src/components

Analysing the AOD:

do checkSG.py myAOD.pool.root to see what containers are available in the AOD you're working with. Search the LXR to see what's available for the AOD containers and particles in your analysis.


Instructions for writing AlgTools as well as a list of common errors (and what causes them): https://twiki.cern.ch/twiki/bin/view/Atlas/WritingAlgTools .

-- LizaMijovic - 28 Oct 2008
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