Local Grid Setup

In order to get the rights to use the local grid (nordu grid) please consult our system administrator (Andrej). This page contains a summary of essential local grid commands, provided by Andrej.

pikolit login:
ssh -Y youruname@pikolit.ijs.si
proxy init:
liza@pikolit ~$ /opt/voms/bin/voms-proxy-init -voms atlas
to see some proxy info (e.g. when it expires):
liza@pikolit ~$ /opt/voms/bin/voms-proxy-info
now you can submit and monitor your jobs using:
ngsub -f liza.xrsl (submit)
ngsub -c pikolit.ijs.si -f liza.xrsl (submit to pikolit)
ngcat jobid (cat the job with jobid)
ngstat jobid (get status of job jobid)
ngstat -a (get the status of all your jobs)
ngget jobid (retrieve job jobid results)
ngget -a (retrieve results of all your jobs)
ng[tab] (see the available ng* commands)
Here is a nice web page for nordu grid job monitoring: http://www.nordugrid.org/monitor/atlas/ .

-- LizaMijovic - 28 Oct 2008
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