Labeling the cables

Cables will be given a unique bar-code before testing to avoid mistakes!

The cables can not enter the testing phase without unique barcode!

Coding convention (14 digits, Code 128) according to ATLAS policy!


Size of the label: width 16.9 mm , length 48.5 cm,

                             thickness 0.15 (together with kapton tape)

The label will be placed on the PP1 side of the cable.

Description of the digits in the barcode: (2022021xxxxyyy) (NEW!!! November-2003)

The example code above describes a 1345 mm long low mass tape with serial number 001.

Serial numbers larger than 500 are reserved for forwar tapes!!

Description of the text on the label (see the label on the figure):

 The text specifies minimal and maximal lengths of cables to be cut from this series (in Taiwan)