ATLAS at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland

Ljubljana ATLAS Group


++386 1 477 3742 (secretary)
++386 1 425 7074

Surface Mail:
Jozef Stefan Institute, Dept. F9
Jamova 39, SI-1111 LJUBLJANA,Slovenia

Ljubljana Group - from the Jozef Stefan Institute is involved in the following ATLAS SCT topics:

Production and design of low mass cables

Irradiation of detectors - study of bulk damage and analog readout

Irradiation of binary readout chips with neutrons


Computer simulation of physics processes


ATLAS radiation monitor

Minutes of group meetings

Low Mass Tape Database

Recent publications

Currently 6 people work on the ATLAS experiment. Here is how to contact them:

Group Leader prof. dr. Marko Mikuz e-mail:
prof. dr. Vladimir Cindro e-mail:
  dr. Dejan Zontar e-mail:
  dr. Gregor Kramberger
  dr. Matevz Tadel
  dr. Borut P. Kersevan
  doc. dr. Igor Mandic