Atlas Installation Scripts for Nordugrid

The new installation script AtlasInstall.sh uses sw-mgr (used by gLite, OSG) to install Atlas releases. The script is common for all installation types (release, cache).

Download the scripts into a clean temporary directory:

Execute AtlasInstall.sh without arguments for usage:
andrej@f9pc136 autoinstall $ ./AtlasInstall.sh
Atlas installation using sw-mgr script:
To install, copy ./AtlasInstall.sh script to a clean temporary directory
Description on: http://www-f9.ijs.si/wiki/Main/AtlasNGScripts

Give 5 to 7 arguments
 - destination directory
 - RTE directory
 - RELEASE number (15.6.0)
 - Project name (AtlasOffline, AtlasProduction, AtlasTier0)
 - Architecture: one of
     I686-SLC4-GCC34-OPT, I686-SLC5-GCC43-OPT or X86_64-SLC5-GCC43-OPT
 - Cache version (1,2,3...)
 - DBRelease version (6.2.1)
Example: ./AtlasInstall.sh --swdir /swdir --rtedir /rtedir --release 15.6.0 --project AtlasProduction --arch I686-SLC4-GCC34-OPT --cache 1 --dbrelease 7.5.2 --pacman 3.29

At the moment, only AtlasOffline, AtlasProduction, AtlasTier0 are supported.

The release is installed in destination directory in the subdirectory:
  • release - the actual release

sw-mgr writes the logging info in install.xml file.

sw-mgr performs the installation and validation at the same time. If the script is interrupted it resumes properly. To validate only, you can execute the same command as for installation.

The validation runs in the atlas_test.$PID subdirectory. The usual report is written to atlas_test.$PID/KV.thr.1/KitValidation.out, but it is removed after the script is finished. To be able to look for errors in installation, redirect the stdout and stderr to some logfile.

Examples of the installation:
  • Plain release: ./AtlasNGInstall.sh /swdir/14.4.0 /rtedir 14.4.0 AtlasOffline I686-SLC4-GCC34-OPT
  • Production cache: ./AtlasNGInstall.sh /swdir/14.4.0 /rtedir 14.4.0 AtlasProduction I686-SLC4-GCC34-OPT 1 6.2.1
  • Tier0 cache: ./AtlasNGInstall.sh /swdir/14.4.0 /rtedir 14.4.0 AtlasTier0 I686-SLC4-GCC34-OPT 2

-- AndrejFilipcic - 02 Dec 2008
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