Atlas Installation on Nordugrid

The installation scripts are located on

All the scripts show usage if run without arguments.

The definitions:
  • RTEDIR - top directory for the runtime environment scripts
  • SWDIR - top directory of Atlas software installation
  • x.y.z - release version
  • PCACHE - production cache version
  • DBREL - DBRelease version

Installation through grid jobs

For sites which have enabled the autoinstallation, all the management is done through grid jobs submitted by an Atlas software manager. There are no further actions needed from site administrators. A detailed description of the setup is given at AtlasNGSetup.

Manual installation

NOTE: the new installation is not compatible with the old one, so prior to any cache installation, the main release must be installed with the new script.

The single script for all installations is at The scripts uses the common sw-mgr installation scrip used in Atlas for Nordugrid,OSG and gLite middleware. The performs:
  • software installation
  • validation
  • RTE creation, only if the validation was successful

If the installation does not run on a grid node but rather on a special host, this host must provide the same environment as nodes for the validation to be successful.



  • Mandatory:
    • --swdir /SWDIR : the /SWDIR is top installation directory. The release will be installed in /SWDIR/releases/x.y.z
    • --rtedir /RTEDIR : the /RTEDIR is the top directory holding the runtime environment scrips
    • --release x.y.z : the Athena release to be installed
    • --project project : The project to be installed. One of AtlasOffline, AtlasProduction, AtlasTier0. AtlasOffline is used for main release, the other two for caches
    • --arch architecture : The architecure, one of I686-SLC4-GCC34-OPT, I686-SLC5-GCC43-OPT, X86_64-SLC5-GCC43-OPT. I686-SLC4-GCC34-OPT should be used if not stated otherwise.
  • Optional:
    • --cache PCACHE : The cache version to be installed in case of AtlasProduction and AtlasTier0 cache installation
    • --dbrelease DBREL : The DBRelease version to be used
    • --pacmanver pacmanversion : pacman version to be used, defaults to 3.29
    • --snapname snapshotname : To be used with grid jobs only for installation from a snapshot pacball


  • Release 15.6.0 with DBRelease 7.5.2:
    • ./ --swdir /SWDIR --rtedir /RTEDIR --release 15.6.0 --project AtlasOffline --arch I686-SLC4-GCC34-OPT --dbrelease 7.5.2
  • Production cache with DBRelease 7.5.2:
    • ./ --swdir /SWDIR --rtedir /RTEDIR --release 15.6.0 --project AtlasProduction --arch I686-SLC4-GCC34-OPT --cache 3 --dbrelease 7.5.2
  • Tier0 cache
    • ./ --swdir /SWDIR --rtedir /RTEDIR --release 15.5.3 --project AtlasTier0 --arch I686-SLC4-GCC34-OPT --cache 5

Parallel installation:

  • Several cache installation can be launched in parallel. The sw-mgr uses the locking mechanism on per release basis to prevent the release corruption.

Below is the documentation related to old installation scripts and should be treated as obsolete


To install the Atlas release, download the script
  • mkdir SWDIR/x.y.z
  • cd SWDIR/x.y.z
  • run the installation: x.y.z I686-SLC4-GCC34-OPT RTEDIR
    • for example 15.3.1 I686-SLC4-GCC34-OPT /net/pikolit/d0/nfs/grid/SOFTWARE/runtime

Site setup

  • RTEDIR/APPS/HEP/ATLAS-SITE is created by if it does not exits. it is used for site specific settings which cannot be part of usual RTEs


To install the production cache (pcache), download the script
  • cd SWDIR/x.y.z
  • run the installation: RTEDIR x.y.z PCACHE I686-SLC4-GCC34-OPT
    • for example /net/pikolit/d0/nfs/grid/SOFTWARE/runtime 15.3.1 1 I686-SLC4-GCC34-OPT


To install DBRelease, download
  • cd SWDIR/x.y.z
  • run the installation: RTEDIR x.y.z DBREL
    • for example: /net/pikolit/d0/nfs/grid/SOFTWARE/runtime 15.3.1 7.2.1
Note that DBRelease installation overrides the default version. All the validation jobs should explicitly set the version in this case (see below)


To install a custom package (Tier0), download the script
  • cd SWDIR/x.y.z
  • run the installation: RTEDIR x.y.z ATLASPACKAGE PKGVER I686-SLC4-GCC34-OPT
    • for example: /net/pikolit/d0/nfs/grid/SOFTWARE/runtime 15.2.0 AtlasTier0 11 I686-SLC4-GCC34-OPT


Validation: download
  • submit the validation job with: KVsubmit cluster x.y.z PCACHE DBREL
  • PCACHE and DBREL arguments are optional

OS Compatibility:

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