Running Athena on the Local Grid

This page provides an example how to run Athena on the local grid. This version of instructions is written for Athena release 14. Note: currently jobs are producing useful results, but they end with Athena error code. The effect is that the job results are not written to the desired directory, they are nonetheless available via ngget command (will correct this asap). The (.xrsl) script you submit to the local grid to run Athena should contain the following:
(inputfilename1 "")
(inputfilename2 "inputfiledirectory")
(inputfile3 "srm://dcache.ijs.si/pnfs/ijs.si/atlas/disk/flat/liza/my_big_file_name")
(outputfilename "srm://dcache.ijs.si/pnfs/ijs.si/atlas/disk/flat/liza/output_file_name")
("runtimeenvironment" = "APPS/HEP/ATLAS-" )
("jobname" = "myjobname")
(gridtime="120 minutes")
("memory" = "2000" )
("join" = "yes" )
("stdout" = "myjob_out_and_err" )
the command to run Athena is contained in the myexecutable.sh:
> less myexecutable.sh

athena.py default_skeleton.py

-- LizaMijovic - 28 Oct 2008
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