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The experimental particle physics group at the at Department of Physics of the Faculty of mathematics and physics, University of Ljubljana, cooperates closely with the Department of experimental particle physics (F9) of the Jozef Stefan Institute, Faculty of Electrical Engineering (University of Ljubljana),  Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering (University of Maribor) and the Department of Astroparticle Physics at the  Nova Gorica Polytechnic.

Research Activities

Research in experimental particle physics depends on large particle accelerators and complex detectors. Experiments are therefore conducted in a few large research centres around the world and are based on team work and international cooperation. Researchers of our department are members of seven high-energy physics collaborations:

Detector Development Laboratory

Not all the work can be done in international research centres. A lot can and has to be done in home laboratories, as for example the research and development of new particle detectors, that will be used in joint experiments. We put an effort in transferring the new technologies and techniques in other fields, notably medicine and environmental science. The current projects are:

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