Flavor Physics at B-factories and Hadron Colliders

Course at the University of Tokyo,  May 2006

Peter Križan
University of Ljubljana and J. Stefan Institute

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Part 1: Introduction, Blackboard appendix
Part 2: CP Violation Primer, Blackboard appendix
Part 3+4: Experimental issues, Belle and BaBar detectors
Part 4+5: Measurements of sin2beta (phi1)
Part 6: CPV in b-> sss transitions
Part 7: Measurements of sin2alpha (phi2), Direct CPV
Part 8: Measurements of gamma (phi3), Dalitz plot
Part 9: Measurements of Vub and Vcb
Part 10: Mixing in the Bd, Bs and D systems
Part 11: FCNC decays
Part 12: Hadron spectroscopy
Part 13: Super B factories
Part 14: B physics at hadron machines
Part 15: Kaon rare decays
Part 16: Summary and outlook


Last modified: June 6, 2006