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The ilBindImage function selects the current image.

ILvoid ilBindImage(
  ILuint Image


The name of an image.


The ilBindImage function creates a named image. Image names are ILuint's, with zero being reserved as the default image. The default image is generated by ilCreateDefaultTex. The only reason the default image would be NULL is if OpenIL could not create the default image, due to memory constraints of the system, so always heed the IL_OUT_OF_MEMORY error. Any dimension image may be bound with ilBindImage. When ilBindImage is called, the bound image remains bound until ilBindImage is called again with a different value in Image.

Error Codes

IL_ILLEGAL_OPERATION - ilGenImages was never called beforehand, Image is out of bounds or the image name has been deleted via ilDeleteImages.

See Also

ilGenImages, ilDeleteImages, ilCreateDefaultTex, ilGetError