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ilutEnable, ilutDisable

These functions enable or disable an OpenILUT state.

ILboolean ilutEnable(
  ILenum Mode

ILboolean ilutDisable( ILenum Mode );


Mode to enable/disable.


ilutEnable enables a mode specified by Mode. ilutDisable disables a mode specified by Mode.

A list of available modes and their meaning:

Does nothing currently.

When enabled, OpenIL passes GL_RGB8 and GL_RGBA8 to OpenGL instead of GL_RGB and GL_RGBA. This can give better visual quality on some nVidia-based cards (at the price of increased memory usage).

Error Codes

ILUT_INVALID_ENUM - Mode was of an unsupported value.

See Also

ilutIsEnabled, ilutIsDisabled, ilEnable, ilDisable