Born April 11, 1959, in Ljubljana
1977                      Finished Grammar school in Ljubljana
1981                      Graduated in Physics at the University of Ljubljana
1981-1984             Postgraduate studies of Nuclear and Particle Physics at the University of Ljubljana
1982                      Employed at the Physics Department of the University of Ljubljana and at the Jožef Stefan Institute
1982-1989             Research with the OMICRON Collaboration at CERN
1984                      Master degree in Nuclear and particle physics at  the University of Ljubljana
1985, 1986            Research at the University of Oxford (4 months)
1988                      Defended Doctoral Thesis "Measurement of π- p → π- p π0 near threshold"
1988 →                 Research with the CPLEAR Collaboration at CERN
1989,1990             Two half year stays at CERN
1991,1992             One year research fellowship at CERN
1993                      Docent of Physics at the University of Ljubljana
1993 →                 Head of Experimental Particle Physics Department of the Jožef Stefan Institute
1994                      Chairman of the Local Organizing Committee of LEAP'94 Conference
1995                      Member of the International Advisory Committee and Local Organizing Committee of the ICFA'95 Instrumentation School
1995 →                 Research with the ATLAS collaboration at CERN
1996 →                 Member of the ATLAS Collaboration Board and National Contact Physicisr for Slovenia
1996                      Lecturer position at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of the University of Ljubljana
1997-2002             Research with the RD-48 collaboration at CERN
1998                      Member of the Organizing Committee of MIDEM'98 Conference - Minisymposium on Semiconductor Radiation Detectors
1998 →                 Research with the RD-39 collaboration at CERN
1999                      Member of the Local Organizing Committee of BEAUTY'99 Conference
2000-2006             Member of ATLAS Collaboration Board Chair Advisory Board
2000                      Associate Professor at the University of Ljubljana
2001 →                 Member of ATLAS SCT Steering Group
2001 →                 Member of Research Council of the Jožef Stefan Institute
2002 →                 Research with the RD-50 collaboration at CERN
2002,2003             Sabbatical year as Scientific Associate at CERN

2003-2007             Chairman of the ATLAS SCT Institute Board

2003-2007             Member of ATLAS ID Steering Group

2004-2011             Member of the Programme Committee of IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium

2004                      Recipient of Zois Award for achievements in particle physics

2005                      Professor of Physics at the University of Ljubljana

2005 →                 ATLAS BCM Project Leader

2006 →                 Research with the RD-42 collaboration at CERN

2006 →                 Slovenian representative in the Resources Review Board of the ATLAS experiment

2008 →                 co-proposer (with H. Kagan and W. Trischuck) of R&D ATLAS upgrade project for a diamond pixel detector

2008-2010             WP 2 leader of 7th FP MADIERA project

2011 →                 co-convener of the ATLAS ITK sensor group (with Y. Unno)

2011 →                 European Irradiation Facilities (WP 7) task leader of 7th FP AIDA project

2011 →                 ATLAS Diamond Beam Monitor Project Leader and member of ATLAS IBL Management Board