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Nobel prize 2008

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Prof. Dr. Peter Krizan                                                                            Slovenska verzija

Field of Research

Experimental High Energy Physics, Detector development

Period: 1979-87
  • Field: Experimental low-energy pion-pion scattering, CP violation
  • Place: J.Stefan Institute, Ljubljana and CERN, Geneva (OMICRON Collaboration), stays at Rutherford and Appleton Laboratory and University of Oxford, Nuclear Physics Lab., UK.
  • Period: 1987 ->
  • Field: ARGUS experiment: ARGUS collaboration took data until 1993 at the DORIS collider.
  • Place: J.Stefan Institute, Ljubljana, and DESY, Hamburg.
  • Period: 1990 ->
  • Field: Detector development: development of photon detectors and electronics for ring imaging Cerenkov (RICH) counters: HERA-B RICH and a novel type of proximity focusing RICH counter for Belle with aerogel as radiator.
  • Place: J.Stefan Institute, Ljubljana,  DESY, Hamburg, KEK, Tsukuba.
  • Period: 1992 ->
  • Field: HERA-B experiment at the HERA proton ring at DESY: measure rare processes in systems of D and B mesons.
  • Place: J.Stefan Institute, Ljubljana, and DESY, Hamburg.
  • Period: 2001 ->
  • Field: Belle experiment, vertex detector R+D, preparation of a particle identification system upgrade, measurements of CKM matrix elements, rare decays, D0 mixing, time dependent CP violation measurements.
  • Place: J.Stefan Institute, Ljubljana, and KEK laboratory, Tsukuba.
  • Period: 2006 ->
  • Field: Research and development of novel detectors for medical imaging
  • Place: J.Stefan Institute, Ljubljana.
  • Period: 2008 ->
  • Field: Belle-II experiment, prepapration of precision measurements of rare processes in B, D and tau decays.
  • Place: KEK laboratory, Tsukuba.
  • Published papers, inspire format

    Recent reports, talks

    Books (coeditor, editor)


    Various courses at the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Natural Sciencies and Technology and Faculty of Mathematics and Physics.

    Coordinator of a master study program in Medical physics.

    A course on CP violation and B physics at the University of Barcelona (May 2005).

    A course on Flavor Physics at B-factories and Hadron Colliders at the University of Tokyo (June 2006).

    Short courses at summer schools, conferences

    Popular talks (in Slovenian):
    List of selected talks
    Where did the anti-matter go?, video of the lecture at
    Public lecture for the Slovenian parlament, March 30, 2009 in the framework of the project Znanje žanje, video of the lecture at, full video of the lecture (170MB) .
    TV interview, Gains of knowledge, December 2008, video recorded at

    Popular articles: Physics World, July 2012, Science, July 2008, Mladina, September 2008 (in Slovenian, 1, 2), Interview, Vecer (newspaper), February 2012 (pdf version).

    Supervisor of B.Sc., M.Sc. and Ph.D. students. Looking for a thesis topic, seminar, summer student work?

    Employment, Positions and Appointments

    University of Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia
    from 1980 to 1991, assistant, Faculty for Natural Sciences and Technology, Department for Physics
    from 1992 to 1997, assistant professor, Faculty for Natural Sciences and Technology, Department for Physics
    1997 to 2002, associate professor, Faculty for Mathematics and Physics, Department for Physics.
    from 2002, professor, Faculty for Mathematics and Physics, Department for Physics.
    2001-2003 Deputy head of the Department of Physics.
    Head of the Department of Physics, vice-dean of the Faculty of mathematics and physics
    J.Stefan Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia
    from 1982 to 1987, postgraduate researcher (part time)
    from 1987, research position (part time)

    Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (DESY), Hamburg.
    1989-90 Alexander von Humboldt Fellow
    1998 Alexander von Humboldt Fellow - Follow-up
    1992-2000 HERA-B experiment: RICH subsystem co-coordinator and Heavy Flavour Working Group co-coordinator
    KEK, Tsukuba, Japan.
    2002- Belle experiment: member of the Executive board
    2008-2009 Belle-II: chair of the Interim Steering Committee and technical co-coordinator
    2009-2013 Belle-II: spokesperson of the collaboration
    KMI, University of Nagoya, Nagoya, Japan.
    2014- World Resarch Unit for Heavy Flavor Particle Physics, visiting professor

    Nuclear Instruments and Methods A (NIMA):
    from 2010 editor.

    Journal of Instrumentation (JINST):
    from 2006 editor, 2007-2008 assistant director.


    2002 Zois distinction, photo, avi presentation
    2008 Zois award


    Journal editorial boards

    Conference Committees


    Slovenian Mathematical, Physical and Astronomical Society
    European Physical Society


    B.Sc. in Physics at University of Ljubljana, 1980
    Subject of the thesis:Influence of adsorption upon sound reflection (published paper).
    M.Sc. in Physics at University of Ljubljana, 1984
    Subject of the thesis: Track finding and analysis in the reaction pi- p -> pi pi N, (published paper).
    Ph.D. in Physics at University of Ljubljana, 1987
    Subject of the thesis: Two-pion interaction from the measurement of the reaction pi+ p -> pi+ pi+ n, (published paper).

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