List of PPF0-PPF1 lengths for production
EDMS document    - 0099

 List of forward tape lengths for production and delivery schedule
 EDMS document      -  0095

Since disk 9 is turned by 180 degrees,  PPF0T is used on disk 9.

Connection of LMT to on disc tape at PPF0:
PPF0 on cylinder
PPF0 and PPF0T  on cylinder (side view)

 PPF0 PCB layout  with RC filter, definition of pins  and  board dimensions
 PPF0T  PCB layout with RC filter for ILED line

 PPF1 in trays  and clamping of  conventional cables

 NEW !!  PPF1 (2modules)   and PPF1 (3modules) (updated  27. 2. 2004) 

 PPF1 scheme  (updated 3.2. 2004)
 PPF1  component placement and pin definition (updated 27.2.2004)

 Pin layout  Barrel   dogleg to power tape  connector

Components for on disc tests:
Temporary patch panel TPPF1-D provides filtering capacitors, Zener diodes
             - scheme  (updated 27.2.2004)
             - PCB layout  and dimensions of single module version
             - PCB layout and dimensions of nine module version
Components for on cylinder tests:

Temporary patch panel TPPF1-C: with simple voltage limiter
               -  view and dimensions
               -  schematic
               -  specifications of tests