Prof. Dr. Peter Križan

I am a professor at the Department of Physics, Faculty of mathematics and physics, University of Ljubljana, and a researcher at the Experimental particle physics department (F9), J. Stefan Institute, Ljubljana. I spend a sizeable fraction of my time in Japan as a researcher at the Belle II experiment at KEK, Tsukuba, and as a visiting professor of the Kobayashi-Maskawa Institute, University of Nagoya.

My research is focused on precision flavour physics, a very interesting and hot part of elementary particle physics. I carry out experiments with the Belle II and Belle detectors at an electron-positron accelerator, investigate novel identification methods based on Cherenkov radiation, and look for their applications in detectors for medical imaging. I am the principal investigator of the ERC Advanced grant FAIME (»Flavour Anomalies with advanced particle Identification MEthods«) -> More details on my research, conference talks and publications.

I also enjoy teaching physics and talking about physics to general public, writing blogs and tweeting about my research and beyond.

In my spare time, I cycle, hike and ski, and enjoy reading good books.

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