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The iluBlurGaussian function blurs an image.

ILboolean iluBlurGaussian(
  ILuint Iter


Number of iterations of blurring to perform.


iluBlurGaussian blurs an image using a Gaussian convolution filter, which usually gives better results than the filter used by iluBlurAvg. The filter is applied up to Iter number of times, giving more of a blurring effect the higher Iter is. The 3x3 convolution filter used to do the average blur is:

1, 2, 1,

2, 4, 2,

1, 2, 1,


Error Codes

ILU_ILLEGAL_OPERATION - There is currently no image bound. Use ilGenImages and ilBindImage before calling this function.

See Also

ilGenImages, ilBindImage, iluBlurAvg, iluSharpen