Master theses

Welcome to our Department's Master Thesis Topics. Here, we regularly update a list of topics for possible master theses closely related to the academic pursuits of our researchers. We kindly invite master's students interested in experimental particle physics and medical physics to contact us for further information and possible collaboration.

Mentor Title Description
Luka Šantelj New physics searches at the Belle II experiment The Standard Model of elementary particle physics successfully describes all known particles and their interactions. Despite the many successes of SM, it alone does not offer answers to questions such as: what is dark matter, or why the masses and coupling constants of quarks and leptons differ by several orders of magnitude. The goal of all current research in the field of elementary particle physics is therefore the search for new processes and particles (also called the search for new physics), which are an integral part of a more fundamental theory, within the framework of which we would be able to answer all open questions. As part of the Master's thesis, we will look for such processes on a sample of data collected at the Belle II experiment, which operates at the Electron and Positron Collider in Tsukuba, Japan.
Andrej Studen Lesion response in the treatment of metastatic cancers
Andrej Studen Robust probabilistic radiotherapy planning
Andrej Studen Risk prediction for screening programs
Miha Muškinja Machine Learning Enhanced c-hadron Reconstruction in ATLAS
Miha Muškinja Charm Quark Fragmentation Function Measurement in ATLAS
Miha Muškinja Track Reconstruction Efficiency Calibration Using D* Mesons in ATLAS
Miha Muškinja Higgs-Charm Coupling via Higgs Boson Decay to Charmonia in ATLAS