Dr. Andrej Gorišek

Dr. Andrej Gorišek
Room: C087
T: +386 1 4773-726

I'm a researcher at Experimental Particle Physics Department, J. Stefan Institute. Most of my career so far I worked with HERA-B collaboration, DESY and last few years also with BELLE collaboration, KEK. Currently I am working at CERN, as a part of CERN's SCT group in ATLAS experiment.

I defended (successfully!) my Ph.D. thesis in January 2003 at the Department of Physics (Faculty of Physics and Mathematics, University of Ljubljana). My mentors were Prof. Dr. Peter Krizan and As. Prof. Dr. Samo Korpar. I owe a lot of thanks also to As. Prof. Dr. Marko Staric.

Field of research

My bibliography: _slo_, _eng_ (always out of date!):