Advanced particle detectors and data analysis

Napredni detektorji delcev in obdelava podatkov
Lecturer: Peter Križan

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Programme and conditions

Napredni detektorji delcev in obdelava podatkov - official FMF web page

Program in pogoji

Program and conditions

Course layout

School year 2020/2021


Selected experiments

·      Cahn, Goldhaber: The Experimental Foundations of Particle Physics


Analysis of data



Statistical methods

·      Lyons, Statistics for nuclear and particle physicists



·      D.A. Edwards & M.J. Syphers, An Introduction to the Physics of High Energy Accelerators, Wiley 1993.

·       M. Conte & W.W. Mackay, An Introduction to the Physics of Particle Accelerators, World Scientic 1991.

Reviews in the Particle Data Book: interaction with matter, detectors, statistics

Recordings of lectures

School year 2020/2021



Interaction of particles with matter: plots and derivations

Selected experiments: B factory, Belle and Belle II (e+e- collider)  
Selected experiments: general purpose experiment at LHC: ATLAS  
Selected experiments: fixed-target experiments
Selected experiments: deep underground experiments
Selected experiments: astroparticle physics

Analysis of raw experimental data

Analysis of experimental data - selection of events
Accelerators (not an obligatory part of the course)


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