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Funny as hell filter that I stumbled upon accidentally.

ILboolean iluAlienify(




The story behind this function is actually sorta funny. I had been using a picture of me (contact me if you want it! =) as a test image, and I started working on some colour matrix filters. Well, my first attempt screwed-up, because I had changed the equations to accomodate my bgr image, but I transposed the equations entirely wrong. I got a really neat output, though, where I looked like an alien. =) I decided to keep the screw-up and placed it in iluAlienify. I can't say I've ever run across a filter like this before. Run it on all your pr0n and be prepared to laugh out loud. =P

Error Codes

ILU_ILLEGAL_OPERATION - There is currently no image bound. Use ilGenImages and ilBindImage before calling this function.

See Also

ilGenImages, ilBindImage