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iluBitFilter1, iluBitFilter2, iluBitFilter3

These functions perform a pretty useless but interesting set of filters.

ILboolean iluBitFilter1(

ILboolean iluBitFilter2( ILvoid );

ILboolean iluBitFilter3( ILvoid );




These 3 functions significantly alter an image through basic, seemingly useless filtering. I included them just for kicks, and someone somewhere *might* get something out of them. =] iluBitFilter1 performs its filtering by switching the nibbles of every byte in the current image. iluBitFilter2 filters by reversing all the bits of every byte in the current image. iluBitFilter3 is destructive to the original image (the other two can be reversed by simply calling the function again). It ANDs every byte with a random bitmask (generated with rand()).

Error Codes

ILU_ILLEGAL_OPERATION - There is currently no image bound. Use ilGenImages and ilBindImage before calling this function.

See Also

ilGenImages, ilBindImage