Experimental particle and nuclear physics / Eksperimentalna fizika jedra in delcev
Lecturer: Peter Krizan

Programme and conditions

Eksperimentalna fizika jedra in osnovnih delcev - official FMF web page

Program in pogoji

Program and conditions

List of homeworks

Course layout
School year 2023/2024
Literature Literature, full list
Reviews in the Particle Data Book: interaction with matter, detectors 1, detectors 2, Mathematical tools: statistics, probability, machine learning
Interaction of particles and photons with matter
Identification of charged particles
Measuring energy (slides Krizan) (slides Mikuz, in Slovenian)
Detection of neutrinos in neutrons
Scintillation counters
Semiconductor detectors (new) (slides in Slovenian, not updated)
Ionisation detectors
Electronics I
Electronics II
Read-out systems
Analysis of experimental data
Statistical methods 1, 2, 3


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